A Couple Of The Avengers May Appear In Deadpool 3

Deadpool-Spider-Man (1)

We seem to be getting ever closer to Deadpool 3 officially being announced, bringing the Merc with a Mouth into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at last. Ryan Reynolds has been meeting with Marvel Studios and the writers are waiting on Kevin Feige to give the go-ahead before they start working on the script, but the smart money is on the third installment in the R-rated superhero franchise being revealed in the not too distant future.

While it remains to be seen how a fourth-wall breaking, foul-mouthed character like Deadpool will fit into the decidedly family-friendly MCU, with the backing of the biggest studio in the industry and the most successful franchise in the history of cinema, there’s every chance that Wade Wilson will benefit from some brand synergy and interact with some of the MCU’s established names. And having him meet some high-profile Avengers would certainly drum up some huge buzz for Deadpool 3.

In fact, we’re hearing that that’s exactly what may happen, as sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Marvel has plans to bring back Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, which trusted insider Daniel RPK has since corroborated – say the studio is currently considering dropping a few MCU heroes into Deadpool 3. Specifically, they’re thinking of adding Spidey, Nick Fury and/or Sam Wilson’s Cap into the film.

Of course, the series has a history for turning this kind of cross-promotion into a joke, with the appearance of the X-Men lurking in the background of a scene in Deadpool 2 being one of the funniest moments in the entire movie. As such, Marvel Studios would be foolish not to bring in some of the Avengers for similar cameos given the wealth of characters at their disposal, whether they be central to the plot or just played for laughs.

Seeing the wise-cracking Deadpool try and have a conversation with the deadly-serious Nick Fury would make great use of Samuel L. Jackson’s world-weary charisma, while having him come face to face with Spider-Man would deliver the kind of blatant fan service that has become the bread and butter of the MCU in recent years. In fact, there aren’t many Avengers that audiences wouldn’t want to see going up against Ryan Reynolds in his MCU debut, which leaves the door wide open for Deadpool 3‘s plot to veer off into any number of wild tangents.