Ben Affleck appears to be the only person who doesn’t want to see his ‘Batman’ movie made

Image via Warner Bros.

How many versions of Batman is too many? Based on the current complexion of the DC Films slate, we’ll find out next summer when The Flash and Batgirl have hopefully arrived at long last to give fans the bonanza of Caped Crusaders they never thought they’d see.

Robert Pattinson’s debut in The Batman won critical acclaim and bumper box office, leaving precisely nobody shocked when a sequel was officially announced at CinemaCon. Michael Keaton is doubling down on his unexpected comeback with the two aforementioned projects, which leaves a Ben Affleck-shaped elephant in the room.

The two-time Academy Award winner was once set to co-write, direct, executive produce, and star in The Batman V1.0, before he retired from the role altogether. Reversing his decision, Affleck has instead opted to go out on his own terms, with the Snyder Cut of Justice League setting the stage for The Flash.

Rumors abound that the actor may or may not be enticed to return for further DCEU outings in the future, but not once has he publicly shown any interest whatsoever in making his solo film. And yet, social media continues to demand that it happen, as you can see from the reactions below.

Sam Raimi has admitted twice in quick succession that he’d love to make Spider-Man 4 if the pieces fell into place, but Affleck has had no such words for his Batman movie. He’s asked about the Dark Knight everywhere he goes, and has often hyped his Indian summer as the comic book icon, but he’s never shown a vested interested in suiting up to headline and helm a Gotham City story of his own.