Ben Affleck Rumored To Be Done As Batman After The Flash

Justice League Batman

One of the biggest talking points surrounding The Flash has been the future of Ben Affleck’s Batman once the multiversal DCEU blockbuster fades to black. After all, the two-time Academy Award winner had already publicly retired from the role, before being enticed back by Zack Snyder’s Justice League reshoots and the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut.

Ever since he was first confirmed to be suiting up again for director Andy Muschietti’s first foray outside the horror genre, the rumor mill has remained in a state of perpetual overdrive. The latest addition to the systematic succession of scuttlebutt claims that Affleck is “officially” finished as the Dark Knight once The Flash hits theaters in November of next year.

Of course, slapping the world ‘official’ onto something we’ve heard at least a dozen times before without offering any concrete evidence or proof to back it up is a bit of a contradiction, which also means that it remains entirely speculative in nature. While there’s every chance The Flash marks the end of the line for Zack Snyder’s Caped Crusader, we’ve also heard just as many conflicting reports intimating that Affleck is poised to stick around for any number of future projects.

As it stands, then, we’ll call this one a 50/50 shot, which is the best odds you’ll find until Affleck makes his intentions clear by the words that come directly out of his mouth. The fans would love for him to stay on, and it’d be a crying shame if his tenure as Batman ended without his own standalone adventure, but as has always been the case, we simply don’t know with any degree of unflinching certainty what’s in store for him after The Flash.