Best Christmas & Holiday Movies On Prime Video

best christmas and holiday films
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We all love watching movies with our family and friends during the holidays. So before Santa knocks on your door, why not make some memories this season by snuggling up on the couch and watching these Christmas and Holiday movies? 

Prime Video has an ever-growing and excellent selection of Christmas movies. We believe there is something here for every holiday and every taste! Here are a couple of our favorite picks for the best Christmas and Holiday themed movies on Amazon Prime Video.

The Holiday

Romantic comedies have no real genre or theme restriction, and Christmas time is one of the best settings for it. This film featuring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet isn’t the most Christmassey, but it’s another holiday movie to consider.

Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This live-action movie based on a Dr. Seuss classic gets you in a festive holiday mood by the end. The Grinch, who lives alone in a cave and hates everything about Christmas, tries to stop all of Whoville from celebrating with an elaborate plot. Jim Carrey plays up his manic sense of humor as the Grinch, giving him more charm than creepy-dreadfulness.

12 Dates of Christmas

Just in case the title didn’t give it away, 12 Dates of Christmas is another holiday romance movie. In this film Amy Smart’s character goes through the same date twelve times much like Groundhog Day.

Polar Express

Polar Express is a magical animation about the many wonders of life, friendship, and bravery. Follow a kid on an adventure that takes you to a place where anything is possible. This journey to the north pole is a classic Christmas must-watch. A classic book, The Polar Express is one of the films you could watch every holiday season.

Home Alone

Home Alone stars Macaulay Culkin as eight-year-old Kevin McCallister. After being left behind during Christmas when his family flew to Paris, Kevin has a blast living alone for a day, until a pair of robbers decide to invade his house. Kevin has to defend his home and hope that his family will be back for him soon. This is another classic film that has become a bit of a cult classic. 

Rise of the Guardians

(Left to right) Bunnymund (Hugh Jackman), Sandman, North (Alec Baldwin) and Tooth (Isla Fisher) welcome Jack Frost (Chris Pine) in DreamWorks Animation’s RISE OF THE GUARDIANS to be released by Paramount Pictures. RG-010
Rise of the Guardians was an underrated gem when it was first released. Dreamworks is known for making quality animated films and Rise of the Guardians is certainly no exception to that.

The Santa Clause

Due to Santa Claus falling off Scott Calvin’s roof, someone else must step up and take his place. Turns out Scott himself became the new Santa. Watch this hilarious movie about a divorced dad who tries to find his own Christmas spirit to help others find theirs.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

When Harry Potter, an orphan, arrives at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he finds himself in a whole new world. Harry quickly makes close friends and enemies while learning about magic spells, quidditch, and magical creatures. However, there is much that Harry Potter has to learn about this new world and himself. Be careful with this one. You might end up binge-watching them all. Daniel Radcliffe is superb.

Miracle on 34th Street 

This is a heartwarming story that teaches us to believe. When an old man playing Santa at a Department Store claims he is the real deal, he ends up being taken as mentally ill. This leads a lawyer named Gayley to go to court in order to prove that the old man is the real Santa. Miracle on 34th Street is a brilliant Christmas film that you will never forget. Superb performances can be found throughout by the talented cast. 


When a human who was raised by Santa Clauss’s elves goes to New York, he faces a brand new world. After meeting his biological father, he has to understand his real place in the world and decide whether he will live as a human or as an elf. This is a delight for those who like Will Ferrel, comedy, or Christmas. Elf is the right vehicle for Will Ferrel’s abundant talent. Fill your holiday with laughs and smiles. 


Wonderstruck is a beautiful, innovative movie that takes place in two different eras at the same time. Follow Ben’s and Rose’s journey in this surprisingly original movie. Wonderstruck was shot in both black-and-white and color, often giving it an endearing vintage feel reminiscent of classic silent films. It features utstanding performances in a movie you might not think of as a holiday film. 

Kasey Musgroves Christmas Show

This television special is a Christmas musical and has the participation of many celebrities. Enjoy the presence of Zooey Deschanel, Kendal Jenner, Lanna Del Rey, Camila Cabello, and others! It features a mix of original songs and new versions of holiday classics as duets with celebrity guests. 

You now have plenty of options to cozy up on the couch with some hot chocolate and start a bench watching holiday movies. And if by any chance you have seen all the movies on our list, Prime Video has many others in their catalog, so make sure to check it out. There’s nearly no end to the amount of Holiday movies out there, and Prime Video has got a lot of them.

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