Best Family Movies On Apple TV+

apple tv+ family films
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Family-friendly movies offer lighthearted, heartwarming entertainment during the holidays. Sometimes we just want to cuddle up with our kids and nephews, get some kiddie laughs in, and enjoy a high-quality movie that bonds loved ones together.

That doesn’t mean our family film recommendations shy away from heavier themes. Finch with Tom Hanks is a fascinating post-apocalyptic drama and Swan Song deals with a terminal illness. But they will resonate with a family audience because of the storylines of human resilience and fortitude and love for life, family, and friends.

Apple TV+ has a number of family-based originals you can’t see anywhere else. For $4.99 a month, Apple TV+ is a bargain, and they’re producing new content each month. We hope our family-oriented list will shorten the time you spend looking for a movie to watch your family!

Becoming You

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Becoming You is a gripping docuseries narrated by the Academy Award Winner Olivia Colman, featuring the first 2.000 days on Earth of 100 children across the globe. It challenges cultural barriers by describing the children and parent’s habits of speech, thinking, walking, and their similarities.


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Everything begins as the protagonist, who is a horticulturist-astronaut, crashes on a desolate dwarf planet. There, he meets an ethereal visitor that also happens to crash on the very same planet. Blush is a heart-warming short film.


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A beautifully animated storybook tale with some of the most unique animation in the genre, Wolfwalkers is impressive. It was nominated for the 2021 Best Animated Picture Oscar, and it’s easy to see why.


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Dads is a documentary that celebrates parenting. Dads share rare home footage, interviews, and the thoughts of many Hollywood celebrities, such as Will Smith, Judd Apatow, and many more. This movie is targeted at those who are interested in understanding parenting through the experience and wisdom of other dads.

Snoopy in Space

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A new take on the classic Snoopy and Woodstock cartoons. This show now in its second season sees the titular dog and the rest of the Peanuts gang going to- where else? Space!


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Follow Tom Hanks as Finch, a sole Engineer in a world ravaged by natural disasters. Finch, his trusted dog, and a robot created by him to protect his dog begin their adventure for the sake of survival. An intriguing and absorbing post-apocalyptic film.


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Four kids end up stumbling upon a ghost that haunts a neighborhood bookstore. The ghost has the ability to mingle with reality, so it brings fantasy characters into the real world. Follow the kids as they try to discover the ghost’s identity within the thin line between fantasy and reality. Ghostwriter was produced by the Sesame Workshop.


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Helpsters captures Cody and his crew made of monsters doing what they love the most: solving problems. Come along with the Helpsters and join their adventures. This story is short, sweet, and has good music. From the makers of Sesame Street, Helpsters is full of family fun. 

Puppy Place

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Knowing about their own love for puppies, the siblings start fostering and finding them homes. A dog-loving story about caring. A new adventure for every new puppy. Puppy Place is pure family fun.

Swan Song

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Follow up on the life of Cameron Turner, diagnosed with a terminal illness. Presented with an alternative way to protect his wife and son from grief, Cameron takes the opportunity to change their fates. Swan Song is a thought-inducing story about how much one would sacrifice for love.


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CODA is a fulfilling story about overcoming disability. While it has serious elements, it shines a lot of light on a family living with deafness and makes for an uplifting tale. 

Apple TV+ is a family-friendly streaming service that will continue to provide great content for kids as well as adults to enjoy together, so go ahead and call your family and friends over, grab the popcorn, pick a movie from the list, and enjoy some family time! For only $4.99 a month, Apple TV+ is one of the best family-friendly streaming services for the money.

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