Birds Of Prey Spinoff For Huntress Rumored To Be In The Works


Wonder Woman 1984 and The Suicide Squad may have earned less money, but Birds of Prey could arguably still be called the DCEU’s biggest-ever box office bomb seeing as it didn’t have a global pandemic to contend with. Cathy Yan’s pulpy actioner may have just about edged past a $200 million haul, but it almost instantly found a second life as a firm cult favorite.

Star and producer Margot Robbie made a double-quick return to the fold when she reprised her role as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad almost immediately after Birds of Prey had wrapped, but plenty of questions were being asked about what the future held for the rest of the roster.

We recently got one answer when it was announced a few days ago that Jurnee Smollett would be returning as Black Canary for a solo outing that’ll stream exclusively on HBO Max, and a new rumor claims that Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Huntress is now in line for the same treatment. No other information or details are provided, but GFR did break the Black Canary news before it went public, so the scuttlebutt shouldn’t be written off by any means.

If anyone else other than Harley and Dinah Lance were capable of taking top billing in their own project, then Winstead’s Helena Bertinelli is the obvious candidate. Not only is she a vigilante highly trained in hand-to-hand and weaponized combat, but the actress is no stranger to the action genre having previously showcased her talents in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Death Proof, Gemini Man and Netflix’s upcoming thriller Kate. If the DCEU is planning to expand even further onto HBO Max, then Huntress is far from the worst idea we’ve ever heard.