Black Adam Stares Down Henry Cavill’s Superman In Epic DCEU Fan Art


Director Jaume Collet-Serra is gearing up to call it a wrap on Black Adam, with star and producer Dwayne Johnson offering up constant behind the scenes teases, while tantalizingly holding back on the big reveal of the titular antihero in full costume, which is surely coming sooner rather than later given his propensity for keeping his army of social media followers in the loop.

Until the very second the credits fade to black and it’s time to leave the theater next July, fans will be crossing their fingers in the hopes that Henry Cavill’s Superman will show up for a cameo appearance. The two are well acquainted with each other, and Johnson’s ex-wife and business partner Dany Garcia also happens to be Cavill’s manager, so there’s every chance we could be in for a major surprise when Black Adam hits.

We’ve heard rumors of a cameo from the DCEU’s canonical Superman on countless occasions already, but there’s been no sort of official confirmation or denial from the Black Adam camp as of yet. However, new fan art has seen Datrini take matters into their own hands, and you can see the epic image of the two all-powerful beings facing off below.

Johnson has repeatedly teased a potential showdown between Black Adam and Superman somewhere down the line, and you can’t keep saying the hierarchy of power is about to change unless you take on the strongest superhero of them all. It would be fan service on the largest possible scale, and the actor is famous for going out of his way to give the people what they want, so let’s hope it becomes a reality and Warner Bros. finally use up that remaining option on Cavill’s contract.