Beyond Black Panther: 8 Black Marvel Heroes Who Should Join The MCU Next


Monica Rambeau

One of the most prominent heroines in the modern Marvel universe is finally coming to the MCU next year when Brie Larson makes her long-awaited debut as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. But comic fans may remember that Carol wasn’t the first female Captain Marvel on the page: that honor goes to Monica Rambeau.

She actually made a pretty big impact when she went by the title, too. Not only was she a longtime member of the Avengers, but Rambeau even led the team for a period in the late 1980s. Even after she stopped going by Captain Marvel, though, Rambeau stuck around the Marvel universe – trying on other names like Photon, Pulsar and, most recently, Spectrum.

Given her key history with Captain Marvel lore, Monica deserves to appear in the future of the MCU, which will no doubt feature a whole lot of Carol Danvers. Interestingly, it’s been rumoured that actress DeWanda Wise is playing Monica in Captain Marvel. If that’s indeed true, let’s hope it leads to a bigger role for the character in Phase Four.

Moon Girl

Recently, MCU fans were shocked when it was revealed that Black Panther‘s Shuri is even smarter than geniuses like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. But, at least going by the comics universe, there’s yet another Marvel hero who’s been officially classified as the smartest person on Earth. And that’s 9-year-old Lunella Lafayette – AKA Moon Girl.

An Inhuman, Moon Girl possesses supremely advanced intelligence as well as the ability to swap consciousnesses with her best pal, Devil Dinosaur – yes, she has a pet dinosaur. DD himself actually goes back decades – a creation of comic book legend Jack Kirby, Devil Dinosaur was initially paired with Moon Boy before Moon Girl was created back in 2016. Since then, though, she’s made a big impression on the MU – which needs to be repaid with an MCU appearance.

Recently, it was announced that Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Laurence Fishburne will be producing a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur animated TV series. It’s great news that the character will be making her screen debut, but it would still be fun to see her become part of the MCU at some point. After all, she’d be a good ally for another bunch of teen heroes we’d like to see…

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