Blumhouse Announces BlumFest Event, Begins October 29th


Blumhouse continues to go from strength to strength, at least based on their marketing savvy in dominating the commercial horror landscape over the last decade or so. To celebrate Halloween, and preview upcoming releases, Jason Blum and co. are running a BlumFest virtual event this Thursday the 29th of October, which will include panels discussing all sorts of different topics.

Running on the Blumhouse YouTube and Facebook pages from 10am PT, there’ll be a range of different speaking slots, including on the recently released Amazon movie collaboration Welcome to the Blumhouse, and on The Craft: Legacy. The latter reboot is arriving on PVOD this Wednesday, and promises to bring the 1990s cult classic into the present day in its focus on teen witches.

Other discussions will include members of the cast and crew of body-swap flick Freaky, the long awaited (and sadly delayed) Halloween Kills, and a conversation between Jason Blum and Ethan Hawke on their series The Good Lord Bird. Furthermore, it’s looking likely that the streams will include some teaser footage for future releases, at least based on Jason Blum’s comments, which you can see below:

“This year has sidelined a lot for all of us, but Halloween is a treasured season at Blumhouse, so we conceived BlumFest to celebrate with our fans via a virtual event that will feature exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage on an upcoming release or two.”

BlumFest does look like it’s going to be an enjoyable online party, then, and even those who don’t normally buy into the brand may be intrigued by the Halloween Kills discussion and the chance to learn more about The Craft: Legacy after its premiere this week. Indeed, the diversity of the offerings for the showcase demonstrate how much the company has extended its reach into different areas of the horror genre.

While 2020 hasn’t been a great year for the entertainment industry as a whole, Blumhouse were able to see The Invisible Man launch in theaters before the COVID-19 lockdown hit, and seem to be well-placed to put more of their titles out on streaming this fall. To that end, BlumFest is pretty much just an extended commercial, but does, at least, provide a way to catch up on projects that have been sidelined due to the pandemic.