Watch: Creepy New Candy Witch Trailer Promises To Make You Scream

The Candy Witch

Ever since the horror genre began taking off decades ago, there have been plenty of parody movies and derivative works that aim to cash in on the prestige of the films they’re based on, and not much has changed in recent times. In fact, even though Hollywood has slowed to a crawl amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve still seen a few low-budget offerings hitting streaming services. In April, the schlocky Corona Zombies attempted to cash in on the newly-emerged disease, and there’s already a sequel in the works which will include the now-famous feud between Tiger King sensation Joe Exotic and his longtime rival Carole Baskin.

But recently, a new contender has entered the arena, one that’s bound to draw comparisons to a fan-favorite horror franchise. As you can see above, a brand new trailer for The Candy Witch has begun making the rounds, and there are plenty of comparisons to be made between it and Candyman.

Aside from the similar names, this new film features a supernatural villain who wields a hook in one of her hands (though, at times, it looks more like a walking cane). With the upcoming Candyman reboot delayed because of the coronavirus, it looks like The Candy Witch is attempting to fill the void in its absence, though we aren’t entirely confident in how the final product will turn out.

The Candy Witch

It’s worth noting the film’s writer and director, Rebecca J. Matthews, previously worked on Pet Graveyard, another B-movie cash-in which didn’t exactly wow audiences with its premise or production values. Still, we’re curious to see how things unfold here, mostly because we have so many questions that need answering.

Like, why is she called “The Candy Witch?” Is she stuffing cotton candy down somebody’s throat in the trailer? And how does her hooked hand become a proper-sized cane in some scenes? Hopefully, someone else will watch The Candy Witch when it releases on June 9th to answer these questions so that we don’t have to.