Captain Marvel Star Teases A Possible MCU Return

Captain Marvel

Anyone who wasn’t either de-aged or an alien in Captain Marvel always stood a slim chance of becoming a recurring part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe given that the bulk of the movie is set in 1995, but a combination of flashbacks and the multiverse always leave two significant ways for any character from the franchise’s past to return.

Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau may have died offscreen between the events of Carol Danvers’ solo debut and WandaVision, but she still factored heavily into the story of the latter. Teyonah Parris inherited the role of a grown-up Monica from Azari and Akira Akbar, who played her at five and eleven years old respectively, but it’s clear that she hasn’t forgotten about her mother’s best friend departing Earth during the family’s time of need.

Monica’s ambivalence towards Captain Marvel is set to play a major part in The Marvels, which is currently shooting in the United Kingdom, but there’s no word on whether or not Lynch will be drafted in to shoot scenes as Maria to further the subplot. However, the actress revealed in a new interview that she’d me more than game to return to the MCU.

“You’ll have to ask Kevin Feige that. In fact, I should ask Kevin Feige that. But you never know. Weirder things have happened in the franchise. I had a wonderful time on the first one and it would be great to have a wonderful time on another one.”

Lynch’s profile is set to rise significantly come October when No Time to Die finally hits theaters, with her Nomi being assigned the 007 code name following James Bond’s presumed retirement, so another brief outing in the MCU as part of The Marvels shouldn’t be ruled out, especially when the Captain Marvel sequel is filming not far from her hometown of London.