Charlie Cox Rumored To Star In Solo Daredevil Movie


As soon as any major piece of casting news breaks surrounding an expansive franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can guarantee that in no time at all, a flurry of follow-ups will arrive offering even further details, regardless of whether or not the original story has been officially confirmed or not.

Just days after the rights to Daredevil reverted back to Marvel Studios, it was reported that Charlie Cox had signed on to reprise the role in Spider-Man 3. The studio have yet to deny the speculation, and before you knew it, everyone had something to contribute. Insider Grace Randolph, for instance, added that not only will he appear as Peter Parker’s lawyer, but Cox is also being lined up for a role in She-Hulk as well.

That’s why the latest addition to the rumor mill should be taken with a pinch of salt, after it was claimed that the actor is now in talks to headline a solo Daredevil movie. Of course, this is something that we’ve heard quite a bit over the last eighteen months, but the only thing that lends it further credence this time around is that Kevin Feige is finally in control of the character.

Fans would love to see the MCU pick up from where the Netflix series left off, which would also avoid the need for telling another origin story and open the door for Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin. However, until Cox’s Daredevil is locked in for Spider-Man 3 and his addition to the cast is announced by Marvel, nothing can be taken at face value. Especially when the Disney Investor Day’s series of reveals puts the MCU’s number of in-development projects at twelve movies and thirteen D+ exclusives already.