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Marvel’s Considering Doing A Solo Daredevil Movie With Charlie Cox

Marvel is reportedly considering giving Charlie Cox's Daredevil is own movie in the MCU at some point in Phase 6, We Got This Covered has heard.

Daredevil Cancelled

One of the greatest tragedies of Disney kickstarting their own streaming service and deciding to come up with their own line of superhero shows was the cancellation of Netflix’s lineup of Marvel content. Series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones had drawn acclaim for their gritty, realistic storylines, far removed from the shiny, big budget spectacle of the MCU and understandably, fans were outraged when they heard that the shows were getting canceled. But all hope may not be lost.

A few weeks back, We Got This Covered was the first outlet to tell you that Marvel had plans to bring back Charlie Cox’s Man Without Fear, something which MCU Cosmic later corroborated. Following that, we reported that Cox is now “as good as confirmed” to be returning at some point and that’s since been backed up by reliable insider Daniel RPK. So, with all that in mind, it really seems like it’s a matter of when rather than if we’ll see Daredevil back in action again.

And while we can’t say for sure just yet where he’ll appear first, the same sources who brought us that aforementioned intel on Cox now say that one idea is to do a solo movie for the hero at some point in Phase 6. And better yet, it’ll feature a few familiar faces.

Apparently, if it goes ahead, several major characters from the show are expected to make a comeback, including Karen and Bullseye (with the original actors reprising their roles), among others. The only question now is whether Daredevil’s R-rated Netflix sensibilities will continue to shine in the film or if we’ll see a more sanitized version of the hero, who’ll fit in better with the world of the MCU.

There’s also the fact that, while the show used to acknowledge the events of the MCU, the movies never referenced the Netflix series in any way. If Daredevil does end up becoming a part of the cinematic universe, his arrival will likely be foreshadowed with a bunch of references in preceding films, with maybe even a cameo or two (perhaps in Spider-Man 3?).

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. For now, this is just an idea and not 100% happening. That being said, it’s certainly something the fans would go crazy for and given how big a fan Kevin Feige is of Charlie Cox’sĀ Daredevil, it’s not too hard to imagine that he may be pushing for a solo film for the hero.

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