Check Out The Cover Artwork From The Marvel Phase 2 Box Set

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this Christmas, look no further than the upcoming limited edition, 13-Disc Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two Collection. The Phase One version came housed in a replica of the briefcase which housed the Tesseract in The Avengers, but this one is a replica of orb containing one of the legendary Infinity Stones from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The box set also contains Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, and Digital versions of each movie, all of which are housed in collectible packaging designed by artist Matt Ferguson. It’s those which have been officially released today, and you can see them in the gallery above. They all do a fantastic job of uniquely portraying each of the Marvel Phase 2 releases and would look great on any wall, never mind as Blu-ray packaging.

This collection also includes a bunch of Marvel memorabilia, including a gold-foiled page from the book of Dark Elves, an ancient drawing from the Morag vault, Avengers and S.T.R.I.K.E. uniform patches, a replica of the Tony Stark Tattoo from Iron Man 3 and much more.

Tell us, would you be tempted to pick the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two Collection up when it goes on sale next month? Let us know your thoughts in the usual place.