Chris Hemsworth Will Rush With Ron Howard Before Thor 2

While he’s currently at work on The Avengers, Chris Hemsworth isn’t thinking about Thor 2 just yet. Before the pic goes in front of the camera, Hemsworth will star in Rush for director Ron Howard. The Aussie actor is quickly building a name for himself as he ascends the Hollywood A-list. Aside from the aforementioned projects, he’ll also be seen in The Cabin In The Woods, Shadow RunnerSnow White and the Huntsman and Red Dawn all within the next year or two.

Peter Morgan (The Queen) will be penning Rush and the film will have Chris Hemsworth playing British Formula One driver James Hunt. Deadline tells us that the story will center on “his [Hunt] rivalry with Niki Lauda for Formula One circuit dominance in the 1970s.”

It’s going to be a busy couple of years for Hemsworth but hey, that’s the price of fame. While I think that the actor has great charisma and strong screen presence, I’m not sure I can see him in this role. Drama doesn’t exactly seem like his strong suit. Maybe he’ll surprise us though and show that he’s capable of taking on more serious and perhaps even Oscar baiting roles like this one.

What do you think?