Everything You Need To Know About Marvel’s Phase Three Slate

Last month, Warner Brothers unveiled a massive ten-film slate of DC properties, which included two Justice League films and solo pics for JLA staples like Wonder Woman, the Flash and Aquaman. Never one to be upstaged by the competition, Marvel took DC’s big news in stride, and unveiled a slate of their own.

In an unprecedented move, the studio revealed its entire Phase Three slate (in front of a room full of eager guests and fans, no less), which will consist of a whopping nine films. That means that we’ll soon be getting three Marvel films a year instead of two, and a cinematic universe that will soon expand beyond our wildest dreams. Who could have guessed in early 2008 that that little Iron Man movie would launch all of this?!

The oncoming avalanche of superhero films can be intimidating, but don’t worry. Here at We Got This Covered, we’ve put together a comprehensive breakdown of the entire Phase Three slate. Just as we did with DC’s films, we’ll be tackling each Marvel picture individually. Unfamiliar with diverse newcomers Black Panther and Captain Marvel? Unsure of how Doctor Strange fits into things, or who the hell The Inhumans are? Fret not, because we’ve broken down and outlined all of that for you.

So, without further ado, here’s our comprehensive guide to Marvel’s massive (but exciting!) Phase Three slate.