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New Conspiracy Theory Links Disney’s Tangled To COVID-19 Pandemic

10 years after its premiere in theaters, Disney's Tangled is now being called into question by folks on the internet for its weird connection to the COVID-19 pandemic.

10 years after its premiere in theaters, Disney’s Tangled is now being called into question by folks on the internet for its weird connection to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The current outbreak of the novel coronavirus has taken the world by storm, shutting down businesses and putting hundreds of millions of people under home quarantine. As of now, global communities have recorded 1.4 million patients and more than 81,000 deaths. Of those, nearly 400,000 cases belong to the United States alone, which is why health officials are imploring people to self-quarantine for the time being.

That being said, it’s obviously not easy spending so much time indoors with so little to do. Some have been trying to cope with this period of self-isolation in their own way, but it’s getting harder and harder to maintain productivity or a healthy routine. With so much time on their hands, people have consequently turned to social media to keep themselves busy, and their latest attempt at trying to make sense out of this situation involves an acclaimed animated film.

Disney’s Tangled introduces us to the Kingdom of Corona, where Rapunzel’s parents rule with pride and dignity. Even barring the obvious name connection, the story is strangely similar to what we’re experiencing with the novel coronavirus disease. Rapunzel is locked away in a tower and she can’t leave, even to get a haircut. Does that sound familiar?

As you’d expect, people are freaking out over this, wondering once again in compliance with conspiracy theorists about whether all of our lives are planned by some evil group of powerful individuals.

Check out some of the best reactions below:

Of course, the sane counterargument here would point out the fact that these days, our brains may connect anything to the pandemic as it’s the biggest issue we’re facing as a community.

Still, if we’re being totally fair, the similarities in Tangled and the COVID-19 are not easy to disregard. But please, feel free to tell us your own thoughts on the matter in the usual place below.

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