Daniel Radcliffe Reportedly Down To Return As Harry Potter, But Only If J.K. Rowling Isn’t Involved

Harry Potter

Having made more than enough money to last him a lifetime while still a teenager, Daniel Radcliffe has used his post-Harry Potter career to establish himself as one of the most interesting actors working today. After all, not a lot of stars with his level of fame would dive headfirst into playing white supremacists, a guy with guns surgically bolted onto his hands or farting corpses, with the 30 year-old making a conscious effort to distance himself from the role that made him famous.

That being said, Radcliffe has long since resigned himself to the fact that every interview he does will eventually circle back to Potter in some way, which is to be expected given the enduring popularity of the franchise. While he hasn’t shown much interest in returning to big budget filmmaking besides a small part in Now You See Me 2, he hasn’t completely ruled out a return to the Wizarding World, either.

In fact, we recently learned that Warner Bros. were planning on making a new Harry Potter movie that would loosely adapt elements of The Cursed Child, and now we’ve heard that Radcliffe is said to be more open than ever to the idea of reprising his career-defining role, but only on the condition that J.K. Rowling isn’t involved.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources who told us a She-Hulk series is heading to Disney Plus, Ahsoka Tano will show up in The Mandalorian and National Treasure 3 is in development, all of which were correct – Rowling’s recent controversial comments and the subsequent backlash has put Radcliffe off the idea of working with her on future projects. So much so that he felt compelled to release a statement that strongly disagreed with her opinions and has apparently told the studio that he’ll only return to the role of Harry if the author isn’t involved.

Rowling may have fallen out of favor with the Harry Potter fanbase, but the leading man certainly hasn’t, and while he’s never definitively closed the door on playing the Boy Who Lived once more, it appears that the author’s involvement in any potential new film could turn out to be a major stumbling block in future negotiations. For now, it doesn’t seem like Warner Bros. has made any sort of decision one way or the other on how closely they’ll be working with Rowling moving forward, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see how this all shakes out and should we hear of anything more on the situation, we’ll be sure to let you know.