Darkseid Cuts A Sinister Figure In New Justice League Poster


One of the many big draws of Zack Snyder’s Justice League for DC fans is the fact that Darkseid himself will appear in this version of the movie, compared to him being a frustrating no-show in the theatrical cut. And today’s promotion for the incoming director’s edition has put the spotlight on the ruler of Apokolips. A new promo released this Wednesday showcased the cosmic tyrant, as well as his general Steppenwolf, and it’s been accompanied by a sinister poster.

HBO Max’s Twitter account shared the black and white one-sheet, which depicts Darkseid in all his glory. “The Lord of Apokolips. The Dark God,” read the tweet’s caption. We’ve got a pretty good feel for how the villain – played by Ray Porter – will be portrayed in the film by this stage, but we still don’t know exactly how he’ll fit into the proceedings, so this poster raises the hype for the antagonist’s appearance even more.

Darkseid will still only be a supporting antagonist in JL, of course, similar to Thanos before Avengers: Infinity War. Snyder had major plans for him to step up in Justice League 2 and 3, though, in which we would’ve seen him kill Lois Lane, corrupt Superman with the Anti-Life Equation and take over the Earth, as glimpsed in the Knightmare timeline sequence in Batman v Superman. We’ll see some more of this dystopian future in the Snyder Cut, but again, the full story won’t be revealed. To get that, Warner Bros. would have to commission a sequel.

But we won’t hear any news on that front until Zack Snyder’s Justice League has come our way and proved to be a major success on the streaming platform. Will the passionate DCEU fanbase be enough to ensure it’s a big hit? There’s not long until we find out, as the four-hour epic premieres on HBO Max next Thursday, March 18th.