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DC detractors are already predicting failure for the former Geralt of Rivia’s ‘Man of Steel 2’

The internet; where people predict failure for something that technically doesn't exist yet.

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Fans of The Witcher are still trying to process the sudden departure of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, matters that haven’t been helped by the outpouring of fury to emerge when it was revealed that Liam Hemsworth would be stepping in as his replacement.

When the news broke, everyone simply assumed that Warner Bros. Discovery had reversed a truckload of cash up to the actor’s front door to have him return as Superman in a more permanent capacity than simply post-credits cameo appearances, but there’s also been a niggling feeling that he may have upped and quit due to creative differences with the showrunners.

As things stand, though, we’ve got no idea when we’ll see Cavill suited and booted in the DCU again (although The Flash remains a very strong possibility), and a Man of Steel sequel has yet to be announced in an official capacity. Despite that, naysayers on Reddit are already predicting the movie people have been demanding to see for almost a decade is doomed to fail.

Reasons cited for the inevitable disaster of the Man of Steel follow-up include Dwayne Johnson putting the focus on himself as opposed to Kal-El, the need for a course-correction to fit in with the DCU’s new direction, and a perceived lack of interest on behalf of the general public in seeing more standalone Superman adventures.

We’re not here to tear anyone down, but OP describing one of the pop culture’s most enduring icons as a “niche” character feels roughly a million miles wide of the mark, but the internet wouldn’t be the internet if folks weren’t bashing a project that technically doesn’t even exist yet.

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