DC Fans Now Campaigning To See Ben Affeck’s Batman Movie

Batman v Superman

It was inevitable that once the Snyder Cut of Justice League morphed from a long-held wish on the part of the fanbase to a real, four-hour epic released exclusively onto HBO Max, it would lead to a slew of further online campaigns. The filmmaker’s supporters definitely played their part in convincing Warner Bros. to deliver the mythical new version of the infamous dud, but in the broadest of strokes, it was a gimmick.

If HBO Max hadn’t been launched to great expense, then it’s likely the Snyder Cut would never have been given the green light, and that decision appears to have been vindicated and then some after it’s drawn in huge viewing numbers and led to a massive surge in subscribers for the platform. However, it’s also emboldened the fans to believe they can repeat the trick once more, leading to the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse movement.

If that wasn’t enough, Joe Manganiello mobilized the Twitter troops recently to gain some traction behind a Deathstroke spinoff or series, while Ben Affleck’s The Batman is the latest focus of the SnyderVerse army. We’re getting the movie next year, of course, just not in its originally intended form. As you can see from the reactions below, though, there’s still a massive amount of support behind Affleck’s Dark Knight.

Even if Affleck wanted to circle back around to The Batman, which he doesn’t as per the latest reports, the whole SnyderVerse debacle obviously throws a couple of significant spanners into the works in terms of what the future holds for the core Justice League lineup and their subsequent adventures. At least we’ll be seeing him under the cape and cowl again when The Flash arrives next November, but it might be the last time as well.