DC Fans Celebrate One-Year Countdown To The Batman

The Batman

In exactly 365 days, Matt Reeves’ The Batman will premiere in theaters, and it’ll have taken a long time and an awful lot of work to get to that point. The project was first announced in October 2014 with Ben Affleck set to star, direct, co-write and executive produce, and it would be fair to say the Dark Knight’s next solo outing will be arriving in drastically different fashion.

After undergoing a complete creative overhaul, with Reeves stepping in and casting Robert Pattinson as the title hero, The Batman has suffered from a tortured production. Cameras started rolling in January of last year, before being shut down for months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, leading to multiple release date shuffles.

Fourteen months later and filming is still ongoing, although it’s expected to finally wrap at some point before the end of March. Reeves somehow managed to cobble together a brilliant teaser trailer from the footage he had in the can, one that made the wait feel even longer, and fans are now marking the official one-year countdown to The Batman, as you can see below.

Of course, there are still no guarantees that The Batman will debut on March 4th next year as expected, and reports have already been making the rounds that say it could be pushed back yet again. After all, the previous seven standalone adventures for the Caped Crusader hit theaters in either June or July, so there’s every chance Warner Bros. may hold back until the prime summer months to unleash the reboot, and by that point in time, you’d expect the industry to have returned to full capacity. At least, we hope.