DC Fans Are Freaking Out Over Injustice Movie Announcement


Yesterday was a big day for fans of DC animation. For one, the WarnerMedia Upfronts presentation brought the announcement of two brand new animated series – Batman: Caped Crusader, from the mind-blowing trio of Bruce Timm, Matt Reeves and J.J. Abrams, and My Adventures with Superman, a fresh all-ages take on the early days of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. On top of that, though, you might have missed the news that an Injustice animated movie is in the works.

The special features for the upcoming Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2 include a sneak peek at the next DC animated flick – an adaptation of the beloved video game franchise, which began with 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us. Strangely, Warner Bros. didn’t officially announce that it’s on its way, so we don’t know much about the project as yet, but the fact that it’s happening is enough to get the DC fandom going wild on social media.

As well as the success of the combat-based games themselves, the Injustice universe has been considerably fleshed out in the long-running spinoff comic book, which has gained acclaim from folks for its deeper exploration of the world, which is a dark version of the DC universe in which Superman has become a ruthless tyrant, causing many of his former Justice League allies to rally against him.

There’s a lot of material for this new Injustice animated film to mine from, then, which means the hype surrounding the project is already sky high, as you can see below.

Gamer hearts are happy.

They keep killing it.

The Injustice comics have given us a lot of great scenes that we want to see in action.

Edgy Superman fans, nice Superman fans… Everyone’s a winner.


Many are hoping comics writer Tom Taylor will be involved.

A classic meme well deployed.

Doctor Fate is excited.

It’s going to be “absolutely incredible,” fans think.

If the Injustice movie is the next DC animated effort to arrive after Batman: The Long Halloween, then it’s feasible we could get it later this year or in early 2022. Watch this space for more.