DC fans losing their minds over ‘The Batman’ trailer

the batman

It was reasonable to assume that we’d be getting at least one more full-length trailer for The Batman before Matt Reeves’ reboot flies into theaters on March 4, 2022, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t a little bit blindsided by Warner Bros. and DC Films dropping a “Bat and the Cat” promo out of the blue.

We’re very glad they did, though, because it’s awesome. Each new snippet of footage we see from the Dark Knight’s latest reboot only serves to get us more excited, and producer Dylan Clark telling Christopher Nolan that he was seeking to emulate the acclaimed Christian Bale trilogy is looking less and less hyperbolic as a result.

By the time the finished film arrives in three months, you can only imagine how high the levels of hype and anticipation are going to be, especially when you take the early reactions from DC fans into consideration.

The Batman is destined to be the latest comic book blockbuster fans tout for Best Picture consideration after Spider-Man: No Way Home (sorry, Morbius), because that’s the way people tend to react to these things. Awards season contender? Probably not. Phenomenal reboot for one of pop culture’s most enduring icons? Almost certainly, and we can’t wait to clap our eyes on it for the first time.