WB Developing Poison Ivy Solo Movie Set Outside The DCEU


Joker might’ve been slammed with a lot of controversy, but it’s still a mega-hit for Warner Bros. whichever way you look at it. It’s earned rave reviews and is breaking records at the box office. Joaquin Phoenix might be open to reprising Arthur Fleck for a potential sequel, but it seems the studio has even bigger plans for the movie to be the start of a new movement of supervillain, not superhero, films. And next on their list could be Poison Ivy.

We Got This Covered has been informed by our sources – the same ones who told us Jonah Hill would be in The Batman and that Viola Davis would be back for The Suicide Squad – that DC is planning multiple new villain films that, much like Joker, will be set outside the mainstream DCEU and with different actors/actresses playing the role. And along with solo movies for the likes of Mr. Freeze and Two-Face, we’re told that they also want to do one for Ivy.

That may sound like a lot of villain spinoffs in the works, but it makes sense that the studio wants to make the most of this new niche in the comic book movie market they’ve just discovered – R-rated antihero films set in more grounded versions of the DC universe. Another insider is pointing to a possible Lex Luthor film, too, suggesting they might not just be looking at Batman foes.

Circling back to Pamela Isley, though, and it’s looking likely that Matt Reeves will find room for the character in The Batman opposite Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight. Rihanna has made it known that she’s interested in playing the role, with sources saying she could be in with a shot of landing it, too. It seems that soon, Uma Thurman’s campy portrayal of Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin will be just a distant memory.