DCU diehards certain James Gunn will cast Chris Pratt as one of two characters

Image via Disney Plus

Soon, James Gunn will see his time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe come to an end and he will he mainlining DC Studios as its new co-CEO. The filmmaker is likely to bring his friends from the 616 over, though, and now franchise fans are worried the one people love to hate will end up being cast as one of two lesser-known, but still beloved heroic characters.

The above thread on Reddit – sparked in the wake of Gunn saying he will probably find room for Pratt in the DCU – has provoked a wide range of negative sentiment. Some say he should play no one in the yet-again reworked film universe, others are more kind and feel he could work as either the Green Lantern member or the iteration of Blue Beetle, but not both. For one user, none of these options would be best, and if you had to pick Pratt for something, it should be a lovable loser character trying hard.

Different fans add he is overexposed as an actor at this point. Another with hopes for the franchise jokes they do not need to see Pratt raising his hand up to an enemy in a reboot of a different property after starring in another which ended with a whimper.

Ultimately, the whole conversation is summed up with one user’s anger at the fan community itself. For them, as so many do not want to see Pratt in anything, it should be an indictment of posts about him and a call to be a lot better at fan suggestions for casts.

Nothing is official right now. As for Pratt, his next films include Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Garfield. On television and streaming, his recent work has included The Terminal List, and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.