Deadpool And She-Hulk Reportedly Set To Be Best Friends In The MCU


We’re looking forward to Deadpool finally making the move into the MCU, wherein he will reportedly play a key role in the new multiverse. Although filming isn’t expected to begin until 2022, there are plenty of ideas about how Ryan Reynolds’ anti-hero could interact with the established players and continuity of the Disney Marvel universe. The latest we’re hearing from our sources is that Deadpool and She-Hulk are being planned to become best friends, most likely due to both breaking the fourth wall.

The Tatiana Maslany-starring She-Hulk is set for a 2022 premiere on Disney Plus, and will be a half-hour legal comedy that sees lead Jennifer Walters acknowledge that she’s a character in the MCU. A device that’s been used in the comics series, this fourth wall-shattering approach draws easy comparison to how Wade Wilson routinely deconstructs and pokes fun at his fictional status.

If Deadpool and She-Hulk do pair up, it’d be great to see the former appear in cameo form in the D+ show, especially since Reynolds appears keen to contribute to upcoming projects like Thor: Love and Thunder. Indeed, a self-reflexive tone for Deadpool 3 may include the use of villain Madcap, something that we heard in 2020. Possessing regenerative powers, Madcap is able to induce insanity in those he encounters, and likes to nod directly to the reader.

Furthermore, Walters and Wilson have occasionally crossed paths in the Marvel comics, albeit not typically with both going for the same meta-angle. Given that She-Hulk launches a year or so before Deadpool 3 arrives, we could be getting a very different MCU, and one where a more absurd, comedic dimension won’t be too much of a shock for audiences. With WandaVision and Loki testing what the universe can do when it comes to bending the rules of the genre, things might already be pretty fantastical by the time Deadpool and She-Hulk share a screen.