She-Hulk Disney Plus Series Will Reportedly Break The Fourth Wall


Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is just heating up, and as announced in August, She-Hulk will be making her debut in the MCU with a 10-episode miniseries on Disney’s streaming service, Disney Plus.

The series, which is set to release in 2022, will be a “half-hour legal comedy” that will follow the legal career of Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), according to executive producer Kevin Feige, who said John Byrne’s more comedic take on the character will be a major influence. And according to The Direct, the series will routinely break the fourth wall, something that is done in the comic book series. The Direct reported that Walters will specifically admit she is a character in the MCU during the series.

While breaking the fourth wall in television and film has occurred for decades, there have not been too many instances of it happening in the MCU, but another popular Marvel film series, Deadpool, has successfully used it to exceptional comedic effect. Ryan Reynolds’ character would often pause in dramatic moments and interact in some way with the audience, which may serve as inspiration for Marvel when shooting She-Hulk.

Some comedy is present in nearly all MCU films so far, but unlike Deadpool, which features more adult themes and uses comedy as a more prominent part of its movies, many of the movies within the universe rely more on classic superhero action drama. She-Hulk, possibly similarly to the first miniseries of Phase Four, Wanda-Vision, may be bucking that style.

She-Hulkwhich began filming in April, is set for release on Disney Plus sometime in 2022.