Deadpool Creator Says Josh Brolin Remains Committed To Playing Cable


With Thanos out of the picture and development on Deadpool 3 moving at a crawl, Josh Brolin has gone from playing two major characters in separate comic book franchises to zero. However, as well as the constant speculation that the Mad Titan could yet return to our screens, the actor is widely expected to be kept on as Cable whenever the Merc with a Mouth’s maiden voyage into the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally picks up some real momentum.

Not only did Brolin’s Cable go down a storm with fans when he debuted in Deadpool 2, but the time-traveling mutant was also set to headline Fox’s X-Force spinoff, which was going to be written and directed by The Cabin in the Woods‘ Drew Goddard before the studio was taken over by Disney, causing the project to fall apart.

One person who hasn’t been shy in voicing their opinions on the Mouse House’s handling of his most famous creation is Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, who’s been quick to claim that the newly-minted rights-holders have no plans for either Wade Wilson or his ragtag group of misfits.

Liefeld previously spoke of how Brolin was itching to get the opportunity to play Cable again, and in a new interview he once again reaffirmed the actor’s commitment to the role, with the 52 year-old ready to both hit the gym and speak directly with the Fox executives to figure out the direction and future plans for the character.

“You guys just don’t understand, I was with Josh about four weeks before Deadpool 2 opened. We were down in at Manhattan beach and we were having breakfast. Then he’s like, ‘Hey, can you take me to the gym?’. Because he was telling me how he’s much bigger he’s gonna get. His shoulders were gonna get broader. And I met his trainer and I’m like, ‘Oh, you can’t wait until we revisit Cable’. And he had talked about the talks that he had with Fox and building out the character, and he was excited what to do with him as a character.”

Honestly, given both his working relationship with Marvel Studios and the enthusiastic reception to his performance as Cable, it would come as more of a surprise if Josh Brolin wasn’t involved in the MCU’s Deadpool 3, especially with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness set to open up the idea of branching timelines that could explain how the former Fox heroes ended up in new and uncharted territory.