The Merc Teams Up With Wolvie And Spidey On Awesome Deadpool 3 Fan Poster


As much as fans would love to see Deadpool 3 as soon as possible, it seems more than likely that the Merc with a Mouth’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut is a long way away yet, despite the project finally gathering some genuine momentum by hiring a pair of writers. As well as the studio having sixteen film and television projects slated to arrive by the summer of 2022 that’ll keep them occupied for the foreseeable future, leading man Ryan Reynolds also has a pretty full schedule.

Of course, cameos in various Phase Four projects aren’t entirely out of the question, but with Deadpool 3 looking to mark the first R-rated movie associated with the MCU, audiences would rather see Wade Wilson in an environment more befitting of his self-aware, irreverent and fourth wall-breaking nature.

With that in mind, a new fan poster from ApexForm imagines the antihero teaming up with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man for his third solo adventure, and you can check it out below.

Of course, the internet would go into meltdown if Reynolds and Jackman signed on to appear in the same movie based on the popularity of their long-running social media feud, but with the Australian actor sticking to his guns so far about having retired the claws, a remake of Face/Off seems more likely to bring them together than Deadpool 3.

However, Reynolds and Holland appear to have struck up quite the friendship in real life, and Spider-Man has plenty of history with Deadpool in the pages of Marvel Comics. A team-up between the two fan favorites has been frequently rumored as well, and based on the MCU’s history of surprise crossovers, you shouldn’t bet against either superhero showing up in each other’s respective standalone franchise.