Could Djimon Hounsou Play Black Panther?

Rumors have been circulating for a while now about a Black Panther movie, but fans have continually been disappointed by Marvel’s lack of confirmation regarding any plans for the film. One actor frequently brought up in casting rumors is Djimon Hounsou, and in a recent interview with MTV Hounsou shared that playing Black Panther is a dream of his.

“Oh man. It would be an honor… I really think that it really transpires into all of the stuff that I’ve been wanting to do and I also dream about doing… It definitely is a great story and ‘Black Panther’ would be quite amazing. But it needs to be done right and it needs to be done as well as the other ones.”

One argument against a Panther film has been that audiences may be hesitant about accepting the fictional country of Wakanda. Personally, I think that argument is rubbish, as fans had no problem with Thor or any other movies with scenes that weren’t even on this planet. Hounsou is also opposed to any change of setting.

“I think as far as Africa is concerned, you really have to create a fictional country and that country is a character within the story as well. You can’t go to Congo and say ‘Oh, let’s make it Congo.’ Congo is a war-torn country and it’s not stable! Not like the west.”

Obviously Hounsou’s desire to play the role means nothing if the film isn’t going to be made, but the more major actors who are talking about Black Panther, the more likely something will get in motion soon. I definitely think Black Panther is one of the Marvel characters that needs a film soon. Fans want it to happen, and if it’s done well it would be another Marvel hit.

I think Hounsou would be quite good in the role. He’s a bit older than my ideal T’Challa, but he’s already done the voice for an animated series, and there’s no doubt that he’s fit enough to pull off a superhero. If him taking on the role means that the movie gets made, then I’ll be thrilled to see him on the big screen.

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