‘Doctor Strange 2’ producer teases unexpected developments for Scarlet Witch

Wanda in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
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Scarlet Witch’s role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has been the subject of intense fan debate ever since the movie was announced, even more so after WandaVision came out a year ago and left Wanda Maximoff in a very interesting place. Specifically, Elizabeth Olsen’s heroine had discovered she was destined to become an apocalypse-causing superbeing. But while we’ve had some foreshadowing of her future, we still won’t be able to predict what’s next for her in Doctor Strange 2.

At least, that’s what producer Richie Palmer is promising. Speaking in the latest issue of D23 Magazine (via The Direct), co-producer Palmer teased the team-up between Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange and Wanda, stressing that “fans have been eager to see [this] for years.” But exactly how the two Avengers come together will happen in a “unique” way, apparently.

“They are arguably two of the most – if not the most – powerful beings in the MCU,” Palmer teased. “It was only a matter of time before we got them together, and we do it in a pretty fun, unique way.”

There tends to be a bit of a template to how superheroes team up, but Palmer hints that the Strange/Scarlet Witch dynamic will result in some unexpected developments that fans will not see coming.

“It’s a classic Marvel team up, but they do some things together that you’d never expect to see them do.”

As for where Wanda’s character is at in DS2, Palmer went on to admit that she’s “been through a lot” after the whole Westview incident, but that she now “really knows who she is” and has reached a point of “self-actualization.” That makes it sound like Wanda’s pretty self-posssesed at this point, which is interesting as the trailers have suggested she’s still deeply suffering from her trauma and could be on the verge of breaking bad.

Fans are fully expecting the would-be Sorcerer Supreme and the mistress of Chaos Magic to duke it out in an epic magical fight at some point, so maybe that’s one of the shocking twists Palmer is teasing. We’ll find out when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness finally enters theaters on May 6.

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