Dwayne Johnson Explains The Difficulties Of Staying In Superhero Shape

Hobbs & Shaw Dwayne Johnson

The idea of actors getting jacked for superhero roles has only really become a thing over the last fifteen years or so, and much of the blame for the trend should be pointed squarely in the direction of Hugh Jackman, who took things to the next level after a relatively lean debut as Wolverine in Bryan Singer’s X-Men by transforming himself into a ripped and frighteningly vascular physical specimen.

Dwayne Johnson, meanwhile, has always been a huge dude, as you’d expect when he hails from a family of professional wrestlers and athletes, following in their footsteps by trying to pursue a career in football before ending up in the squared circle, but he’s bigger than ever since making the permanent transition to Hollywood two decades ago.

Staying in that kind of condition all year round takes a whole lot of effort, especially with a schedule as busy as The Rock’s, but he’s somehow managed to pack on even more muscle to play the title hero in the DCEU’s Black Adam, and in a new interview, the 49 year-old admitted that it’s not easy.

“We’re actually in the second phase. And the second phase in many ways is even more challenging and harder. Because now I’m in the phase where I have to maintain this look for an additional almost three months. Which is very very challenging, it’s very taxing on your body. So this is why every move is very calculated and strategic. My diet, my training.”

Not only does he have to shoot the movie all day, but as a producer on Black Adam, he’s also involved in the majority of behind the scenes meetings as well, all while overseeing his rapidly expanding business empire and still finding the time to hit the gym on a daily basis to ensure that he’s in the best shape possible. You can’t fault his dedication to the cosmic comic book blockbuster, though, especially when he first signalled his intentions to play the character fifteen years ago, and we’re hopeful that it’ll manage to deliver the goods next summer.