Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Wants Henry Cavill In Black Adam 2

Black Adam

Though Black Adam is traditionally Shazam’s nemesis, and a face-off between the villain and Zachary Levi’s hero is on the cards in the DCEU, Dwayne Johnson has often talked about his desire to battle Superman on the big screen instead. That’s no surprise, either, given that The Rock is a lifelong fan of the Man of Steel. As such, folks are wondering if a Supes cameo could happen in the Black Adam movie, now that it’s finally a go.

It seems that won’t be happening, but We Got This Covered previously reported that Superman will appear in Black Adam 2 instead, which is already in the works behind the scenes. And our scoop’s just been backed up by a separate claim made by insider Grace Randolph. When asked by a fan on Twitter about a possible role for Henry Cavill in BA, Randolph replied that Johnson’s very keen to get Cavill on board the franchise, but not until the sequel.

As Randolph reminds us, Johnson and Cavill have a personal/professional connection, as The Rock’s ex-wife – and current business partner – Dany Garcia is Cavill’s manager. Plus, we know that the pair have already met up to discuss a potential Black Adam/Superman crossover. So, all the signs are pointing to Supes appearing in the BA franchise. Which is good news for Cavill fans as it means we haven’t seen the last of him in the DCEU.

This news comes shortly after Cavill confirmed that he has no intention of relinquishing the role of Superman and feels he has much more to give as Clark Kent. Seeing as Black Adam 2 would be a few years away, it doesn’t sound out of the question that he could feature in another movie before then, but we’ve yet to hear anything concrete about that at present.