Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Trying To Get Tom Cruise In Black Adam Franchise

Black Adam

Black Adam is still a long ways away from premiering, but it’s clear that everyone involved anticipates that the film will be the beginning of a blockbuster franchise. Warner Bros. is reportedly in the process of trying to sign Dwayne Johnson to as many as ten more movies under the DCEU banner, starting with the aforementioned pic, and the 48-year-old is also looking ahead to the future as he’s apparently begun to recruit folks to star in Black Adam 2, and one of the big names on his wish list is Tom Cruise.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us a Green Lantern show is coming to HBO Max and Ben Affleck is returning as Batman in The Flash – The Rock is very eager to work alongside the three-time Academy Award nominee and is actively trying to find a role for him in the sequel. It’s likely that the studio will do all they can to accommodate their beloved star, too, so if that’s what Johnson wants, Cruise is probably the only person who could stop it from happening.

He is, after all, an actor in very high demand. Marvel is reportedly eying him to play an alternate universe Iron Man, though that’s far from confirmed. And while he wouldn’t be the first performer to star in both the DCEU and MCU should all this pan out, he would definitely be the most high profile. As of yet, though, it’s unclear who he could portray in the Black Adam franchise. All we’ve been told is that The Rock wants him involved.

But tell us, would you like to have Tom Cruise star alongside Dwayne Johnson in an upcoming DC flick? And if so, who would you like to see the Top Gun actor play? As always, let us know down below.