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Elizabeth Olsen doesn’t think Wanda should be a role model

Don't be like the Scarlet Witch, kids.

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Wanda Maximoff has taken some unexpected turns across her MCU journey so far. For starters, who would’ve thought an underused supporting character from Avengers: Age of Ultron would one day get her own smash hit TV series? Following WandaVision, the Scarlet Witch once again shifts gears in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which depicts the sorceress at her darkest and most dangerous yet.

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She might be a superhero, then, but star Elizabeth Olsen is uncomfortable calling Wanda a role model for young fans to look up to. While speaking to ComicBook, Olsen admitted that she worries about children potentially learning the wrong lessons from Wanda, who really goes off the deep end in Doctor Strange 2. As she put it:

“I think the thing that I worry about is when people start saying, “Is she a role model to children? And I don’t like answering that question at all because she is a woman who’s made big mistakes, and I don’t want to think of her as a role model, encouraging kids to make similar violent mistakes.”

The actress went on to state that she’s actually somewhat worried Wanda went too far in this movie, considering that she has previously been a kind of aspirational figure.

“The only thing that worries me is she became this thing that even little kids loved and then we’re really pushing it with this one. So that’s the one thing where I’m like, ‘I don’t want to answer role model questions.'”

Olsen has already spoken about how she views Wanda as a deeply flawed character at this stage, stressing that she wants audiences to disagree with her extreme actions in Multiverse of Madness. As it happens, the fans have ended up loving her even more now that she’s morphed into a demon goddess, with many feeling that she steals the spotlight away from Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange.

As for where the Scarlet Witch could go from here, that’s one of the biggest questions fans have after Doctor Strange 2, but Olsen is certainly hoping to don her crimson tiara again. Marvel’s bound to invite her back to the fold before long, too, seeing as she’s such a versatile, popular character. Even if there is a risk kids will grow up wanting to be apocalyptic enchantresses.