Elizabeth Olsen Reacts To Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Returning To The MCU


After several weeks of uncertainty and online backlash, the news finally broke a couple of days ago that Sony and Disney have come to an agreement over Spider-Man, meaning that Tom Holland’s take on the famed web-slinger will be staying in the MCU for at least two more projects.

With a 2021 release date now set for Spider-Man 3, social media has been flooding with jubilant reactions from Marvel fans and MCU cast members alike. Already, we’ve seen some celebratory posts from Mark Ruffalo, as well as Holland himself, and going by a recent Instagram story from Elizabeth Olsen, we can probably assume that the Scarlet Witch actress has also heard the news and is feeling pretty pleased about it.

At last year’s ACE Comic Con, Olsen singled out Holland’s Spider-Man as the hero she’d most like to see pair up with Wanda Maximoff. Whether or not this ever happens remains to be seen, but now that the wall-crawler once more has a future in the MCU, the idea at least seems a fair bit more credible than it did a few days ago.

Either way, Scarlet Witch currently looks to have a busy few years ahead of her, starting with the release of the Disney Plus show WandaVision in the spring of 2021. After that, we won’t have long to wait before the heroine shows up again in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is scheduled to hit theaters on May 7th of the same year.

As for Holland, the next Marvel movie we see him in will likely be Spider-Man 3, which is expected to wrap up Peter Parker’s solo series when it comes out on July 16th, 2021.