Elliot Page Reportedly In Talks With Marvel For MCU Role

Elliot Page

Elliot Page, the Oscar-nominated star of Juno and key player in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, recently made headlines around the world when he came out as transgender and non-binary. The news became a major talking point as Page is one of the highest-profile celebrities to date to announce their transition.

In a statement released on his Instagram account, he said: “The more I hold myself close and fully embrace who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart grows and the more I thrive.” This was met with overwhelming support across social media and Netflix even stepped in to say how proud they were, later confirming that they wouldn’t recast Page’s role in The Umbrella Academy (leading to rumors that Vanya will transition as part of the show’s narrative).

Now, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that Marvel Studios have paid attention to the news as well and, in line with their current push for more diversity in their heroes, are looking to offer him a part. Of course, this wouldn’t be Page’s first time as a Marvel superhero. After turning heads in Juno, the actor made his blockbuster debut as Kitty Pryde in X-Men: The Last Stand, saying at the time:

“I thought, well, when else am I going to have a chance to wear a leather suit and run through exploding things? Why not be a superhero for a change?”

Elliot Page

So, who could Page play in the MCU? Well, it’s a little reductive to limit his potential roles to trans male characters, but there is at least one Marvel superhero that fits the bill nicely.

Jake Young, introduced in Avengers: Solo #2 back in 2011, is a trans man who signed up for an innocuous-sounding medical test without disclosing that he was taking hormones to transition. However, the ‘test’ turned out to be a cover for secret super soldier experiments, with Young’s group given an “incendiary formula.”

This killed all the other subjects except him, with scientists theorizing that his survival was due to his hormone treatments. He ended up with powerful fire-based powers, but had to go on the run after he was framed for the murder of a doctor.

Young hasn’t been seen in the comics much, but if Marvel Studios wanted a trans man character, they’ve got slim pickings when it comes to their stable of heroes. Of course, they could also simply cast Elliot Page as an existing male superhero. But as of now, there’s no indication of which role they may have in mind.