Emma Stone Becomes The DCEU’s Batgirl In Awesome Fan Art

Can you believe it’s been 23 years since Batgirl made her last – and, to date – only live-action cinematic appearance, in 1997’s Batman & Robin? A LEGO version of the heroine was voiced by Rosario Dawson in The LEGO Batman Movie, and she was a lot of fun, but we’re still due a new version of Barbara Gordon on the big screen. Warner Bros. has been planning a movie for her for a while now, but so far we haven’t got any casting news. But there are a few names that fans tend to mention.

At the top of the list is Emma Stone, who’s obviously already made her mark on the superhero genre in Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man films as Gwen Stacy. She would be the number one pick for a live-action take on Spider-Gwen, then, but failing that, she would definitely make a great Batgirl – as you can see for yourself thanks to the awesome fan art featured below, as created by artist Olivia Design.

If the studio was looking for an actress in their 30s to portray a very classic interpretation of Barbara, Stone would be perfect. It seems the DCEU’s Batgirl may be reimagined somewhat, however. For instance, there was talk of a woman of color being cast as the character back when Joss Whedon was developing the project. Presumably, a Batgirl film would now be a spinoff of Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. If that’s the case, then it’s more likely a black actress would be found, seeing as Jeffrey Wright is playing Jim Gordon, Barbara’s father.

Alongside Stone, other popular contenders for the role of Batgirl with fans include Jane Levy, Karen Gillan, Kristen Stewart, Daisy Ridley or, and this feels like a more plausible casting choice, Janelle Monae. Regardless of who ends up in the role, cool fan art pieces like this keep us hyped for Barbara Gordon coming to the DCEU, even when Warner Bros. doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to do anything with her. But at least she’s headed to Titans season 3.