Eternals Fans Are Gushing Over Gilgamesh And Thena’s Bond

It's a real heartwarming bond.

Eternals is out in theaters now and, in contrast to its poor critical reception, Marvel fans are loving it. Though the ensemble movie features 10 main characters, each of them has their fans, with MCU lovers celebrating a variety of the immortal heroes and their relationships on social media this weekend. Case in point, a lot of folks are sharing how much they love the bond between Gilgamesh (Don Lee) and Thena (Angelina Jolie).

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Without getting too spoilery, suffice it to say that Gilgamesh and Thena have one of the deepest and most meaningful connections between the Eternals in the movie. While there’s a lot of in-fighting amongst the team elsewhere, these two simply care about each other a whole lot. That said, the exact nature of their affection – whether it’s platonic or romantic – is left unstated, but that’s part of what fans are responding to so much.

OK, that’s adorable.

Fans can’t handle their devotion to each other.

Folks also can’t get enough of Angelina Jolie and Don Lee’s real-life friendship.

“I can’t stop crying.”

Marvel, how about a Thena/Gilgamesh spinoff?

The duo’s dynamic is one of the many pleasant surprises about director Chloe Zhao’s Marvel debut that wasn’t given away in the marketing. Gilgamesh had been mostly sidelined in the trailers while Thena had been portrayed as simply a fierce warrior. In the film, however, there’s a lot more nuance to her character and Gil’s selflessness and big heart has clearly made him an instant fan favorite. Meanwhile, another Eternal fans expected to be the movie’s main hero turned out to be the exact opposite.

All in all, Eternals is shaping up to much more popular with audiences than the initial reviews would’ve had us believe. Check it out for yourself in theaters now.

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