Jim Carrey Reportedly Confirmed To Return As The Mask In Space Jam 2

The Mask

Over the weekend, we reported the surprise news that Jim Carrey would be getting back into the green as the Mask for Space Jam 2. It seems that Warner Bros. wants to stuff the sequel with as many cameos from their extensive library of IP as possible, with leaked photos also pegging the Joker, the Wicked Witch of the West and Pennywise as appearing in the film. In addition, we’ve heard that WB would like to get Robert Pattinson’s Batman in the movie, and potentially even Superman.

That’s quite a wishlist, but Jim Carrey returning for a short scene seems like it’s practically confirmed now. Word is that we’ll see him acting as a referee during one of the film’s basketball games. In addition, we’ve seen leaked images that show the return of the Mask at what appears to be some kind of makeup test. I don’t know the origin of these photos, but they look plausible enough to me.

And now, several other outlets are also picking up on the same story, further indicating that this is actually happening. Not to mention that there’s been additional confirmation from multiple users on Twitter, with @RiseFallNick being one of them, as he said the following:

If Carrey does return as the Mask, it’d be his first appearance in the role since the 1994 original. That film did spawn a Jim Carrey-less sequel in the form of 2005’s Son of the Mask, but the less said about that movie the better.

From the sounds of things, Warner Bros. are trying to replicate the franchise-jumping excitement of the LEGO movies, throwing in cameos from across their huge variety of IPs. In fact, we’ve also heard talk that they want to get some representation from Harry Potter and The Matrix into Space Jam 2 as well. Trinity going for a dunk with Dumbledore providing a bit of Wingardium Leviosa assistance? I mean, if you’ve already got LeBron James hanging out with Bugs and Daffy, why not?