Awesome Venom 2 Fan-Made Poster Teases A Symbiote Showdown

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With Morbius recently getting pushed back to March 2021 due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many fans are wondering how that could potentially end up impacting Venom 2. The symbiotic sequel is still scheduled to hit theaters in October, but with the first Morbius trailer full of Easter Eggs and hints that Sony’s Marvel universe is set to get a lot bigger, there will surely be some connective tissue between the two.

There’s a little over six months to go until release, but we still don’t know a lot about Venom 2 besides the fact that Eddie Brock is set to go up against his arch-nemesis, with Woody Harrelson and his new and improved haircut ready to terrorize Tom Hardy as Cletus Kasady and his maniacal alter-ego Carnage. Some online sleuths are convinced that the first official footage isn’t too far away, but as of yet, we haven’t had anything to go on other than set photos.

With that in mind, Instagram user Yadvender Singh Rana has decided to take matters into their own hands and create a poster for Venom 2, one that will have a lot of significance to comic book fans familiar with Venom’s history, and you can check out the artwork based on the iconic cover to 1995’s Venom: Carnage Unleashed run below.

A lot of comic book movies tend to include famous moments from the pages of the source material into their stories, but it isn’t often that they look to the back catalogue for inspiration when it comes to the posters. Far too many one-sheets in the genre have become cliched and uninspired in favoring the miscellaneous floating head approach in order to sell the cast to audiences, but superhero blockbusters are one type of movie where creating an eye-catching poster should be a given, and this fan art for Venom 2 definitely ticks all of the boxes.