Fans Are Flipping Out Over This New Zombie Movie’s Strange Announcement Trailer

Sometimes, we need zombie films that are gory and brutal. Other times, fans could use a deep introspective look at the human condition that only the living dead seem to be able to offer. But on even rarer occasions, the world wants to see zombies performing as a pop idol group!

Zombie Land Saga may not be what people typically expect out of stories about the undead but it’s been an incredible hit among fans of anime and horror alike for many reasons. The show follows seven girls from various eras of Japan’s history who have been brought back as zombies in an effort to revitalize Saga Prefecture with a new idol group — Franchouchou.

After the recent two-day live event for the series — Zombie Land Saga Live-Franchouchou Saga Yo Tomo Ni Waitekure- — a new trailer was released that not even the voice actors of the characters knew was coming. The live-action trailer, which was posted with the caption “Beyond the Revenge,” instantly confused and excited fans. Check it out below.

The trailer references a famous Yakuza film titled Battles without Honor and Humanity and is particularly curious as it’s done in live-action while the show is typically animated. While Zombie Land Saga fans will have to simply wait and see which direction the film goes in, they are nonetheless incredibly excited.

Not to mention, many fans are hoping it’ll even hit theaters in the US.

There is currently no other information about when the new Zombie Land Saga movie will be released.