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Finally, one fan offers a measured take on ‘Aquaman 2’ amid boycott calls

Just follow your heart.


While many Aquaman fans may feel torn between boycotting the movie or buying a ticket in light of the recent developments involving Amber Heard, one person is making a surprisingly simple and compellingly sound argument in favor of the latter.

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You see, regardless of how you might feel about Johnny Depp’s former wife as a person — and it pretty much goes without saying that those sentiments extend to the outcome of the recent trial — Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has nothing to do with the American actress. If anything, this is more Jason Momoa’s flick than Heard’s. As the title suggests, James Wan’s anticipated follow-up will once again be a celebration of Aquaman as a superhero, and consequently Momoa’s involvement in the DCEU.

But that’s not what Aquaman fans are currently proposing. As one Reddit user has explained, at the end of the day, the choice boils down to whether you’d allow your hatred of some things to “supersede” your love for other things. For instance, you may not like the fact that Amber Heard is involved with Aquaman 2, but you like Jason Momoa and his story too much to let that become a crippling nuisance.

As far as arguments go, you have to agree that it’s pretty compelling to think about. The hot take has since spawned a ferocious debate on the social media platform, though most folks seem to agree with the points made above.

The petition to remove Heard from Aquaman 2 recently passed 4.5 million signatures and is well on its way to the next designated milestone of 6 million. With all the notoriety this recent trial has garnered, it’s no wonder that the internet is abuzz with rumors of Warner Bros. firing Amber Heard, though the company has yet to release an official statement regarding any of them.