First ‘Amsterdam’ reviews aren’t sure what to make of the star-studded caper

Photo via 20th Century Studios

The floodgates are open, and critics are now openly sharing their reviews of David O. Russell’s star-studded comedy Amsterdam – and it doesn’t appear to have been received as fondly as one would hope.

While only five reviews have been lodged for the film so far to Metacritic, Amsterdam has a disappointingly low score of just 44 percent. Four of the reviews had mixed thoughts, while one fell into the negative category.

This review comes from The Wrap’s Robert Abele, who wrote that the film does capture the tone that Russell is known for, but is ultimately a sloppy and disconnected experience. They also mentioned the film’s ending, which was something that some early reactions to the film criticized.

Both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter scored the film with its best ratings so far, 60 percent. These two reviews highlight the film’s strong point which is its cast, despite many playing roles outside of their typical wheelhouse, though it would seem that they weren’t enough to make the film a hit.

The consensus appears to be that Amsterdam has plenty of ambition, but despite having a star-studded cast, it struggles to remain on the right path, instead spiraling out of control and into confusion. Earlier this month, the film’s premiere took place and many attendees shared positive early reactions, but many had similar criticisms – this being that tonally-imbalanced offering couldn’t decide what kind of movie it wanted to be.

If you’re brave enough to try out this star-studded mystery movie for yourself, then you can catch Amsterdam in theaters on Oct. 7.