First Look At Captain Marvel’s Ship Revealed Via LEGO Leak


Following on the heels of those red-and-blue helmet illustrations which surfaced a couple of days ago, we now have some new Captain Marvel goodies which, among other things, give us our first look at the ship Carol will be piloting in the film.

With various merchandise for Marvel Studios’ next release about to become available for pre-order, we’re starting to get a better feel for Brie Larson’s character’s standalone outing, and that continues today thanks to the photos in the gallery down below. As you can see, they show off what appears to be a prototype Quinjet, like the one the Avengers use, as well as what looks like some big battle involving Carol, Nick Fury, Carol’s cat Goose and Talos.

Of course, as with all LEGO sets, it’s entirely possible that what’s seen here won’t make it into the final film. After all, remember how much of what was in the Infinity War sets was nowhere to be seen on screen? Then again, nothing looks too out of the ordinary in these pics given what we know about Captain Marvel and for now, we’ll assume that at the very least, the ship will be making its way into cinemas.

While a LEGO leak is nice and all, it certainly isn’t the MCU promotion that fans were hoping to see, as folks continue to freak out over the absence of an Avengers 4 trailer. At the moment, the current speculation points to Monday, December 3rd for when it’ll drop, and if that’s indeed true, then it’s unlikely we’ll be getting another Captain Marvel preview before the year’s out.

But not to worry, as we’ve still been seeing a lot of Carol’s standalone flick lately, from promotional art and set photos, to the apparent revelation that Jude Law will be playing Yon-Rogg in the movie. In short, there’s been lots to pore over and this new LEGO leak is just one more piece of the puzzle to keep us busy until Kevin Feige and co. decide to give us some more Captain Marvel footage to feast on.