The Flash Movie Reportedly Casting A New Iris, Kiersey Clemons Out

The Flash

The Flash movie has had a heck of a time getting to the screen, with various directors coming and going since the project was announced over half a decade ago. The whole time, though, Ezra Miller has been attached to star as the titular Scarlet Speedster. It was likewise thought that another Zack Snyder casting was going to be retained for the film – Kiersey Clemons as Barry Allen’s love interest Iris West. However, new info tells us otherwise.

The Illuminerdi has got hold of a casting call for the character of Iris which reveals a couple of things. First is that production on The Flash is raring to go and Warner Bros. is working on getting the cast together. And second is that Clemons isn’t locked in and will either have to win back the role or, and this is more likely, WB wants a fresh actress to take over the part.

According to the outlet’s intel, the DCEU Iris is “smart, bold, [and] always with a cellphone in hand” and has “the fashion sense of Carrie Bradshaw and the smarts of Christiane Amanpour.” We’re told that she’s “an energetic, and perhaps over-caffeinated, tenacious cub reporter for the Central Citizen. She can be a bit over the top, but despite her idiosyncrasies there is something about her that draws people in.”

As for The Central Citizen, it’s described as “a modern 21st century style newspaper,” a perfect place to work for the “stylish, bright eyed young reporter.” Iris is noted to be 23 years old, with the studio seeing actress between the ages of 21-25 for the role. That also further rules out Clemons, as she’s 26.

The Dope actress was cast by Snyder for a cameo in Justice League, but her scene – in which Barry saves Iris from a road accident with his super-speed – was cut from the theatrical release. Clemons was definitely still attached to the franchise in 2018, but a lot’s changed with the movie since then.

It’s known that pre-production was supposed to begin last month, so WB is no doubt looking to start The Flash as soon as possible once the movie industry gets going again. Watch this space for more.