Four Clips From Mad Max: Fury Road’s Black & Chrome Edition Tease A Monochrome Masterpiece


Amid chatter of Mad Max sequels revving to life – Tom Hardy is just “waiting for the call” to come, it seems – four clips from Fury Road‘s much-touted Black & Chrome Edition have roared online today, teasing the monochrome version of George Miller’s apocalyptic masterpiece.

Coming to us by way of The Playlist, the snippets are pulled from that special Black & Chrome Edition, which debuted over the holidays alongside the comprehensive Mad Max High Octane Collection – a bundle that came packing all four mainline installments in the Mad Max saga. It’s not to everyone’s taste, of course, but George Miller believes there’s a certain old-school magic to Fury Road‘s black and white cut that proved too good to resist; in fact, the illustrious director claims it’s the best way to view what is arguably 2015’s greatest film. As if Fury Road wasn’t striking enough, Miller previously teased that there’s “something about black and white, the way it distills it, makes it a little bit more abstract. Something about losing some of the information of color makes it somehow more iconic.”

Looking beyond the Fury Road, Warner Bros. is not short of options. A relatively mediocre box office haul of $378 million may have the studio exercising caution, but with talk of a purported prequel movie also swirling – one that Charlize Theron is absolutely on board for – it seems to be a question of when, rather than if, Miller and Co. will reunite for another installment.

Witness! The Black & Chrome edition of Mad Max: Fury Road is already out in the wild, but you can see what all the fuss is about via the monochrome clips below.