Ghostbusters Gets A Theatrical Re-Release And New Blu-Ray


I am all for re-releasing classics and near-classics in theatres simply because some of my favorite movies were made before I was even born or capable of realizing their true awesomeness the first time around. It was true for Jurassic Park, and it’s certainly true for Ghostbusters. So with the 30th anniversary of the Ghostbusters theatrical premiere coming up this weekend, it’s a pleasure to learn that plans are afoot to re-release the film in theaters come August.

Sony recently announced their intention to re-release Ghostbusters in 700 theatres nationwide, opening August 29. This is part of a big 30th anniversary celebration that will also include a brand new Blu-ray release and special events surrounding both Ghostbusters and its less popular (but still enjoyable) sequel. So those of us who might have missed Ghostbusters on its first release will finally get to experience Mr. Stay-Puft stomping around New York City on the big screen.

While this might be a cash grab for Sony as well as an opportunity to drum up a bit more support for the long-gestating Ghostbusters III, which has been hovering in limbo for too many years now, the 30th anniversary celebration could very well reignite public interest in the franchise, reminding us why we loved the boys in grey in the first place.

Whatever Sony’s reasoning behind the re-release, I’m personally pleased that it’s going to happen. Ghostbusters remains a cultural touchstone for many, and there’s nothing quite like watching one of your favorite movies on the big screen. If the film comes to my local theatre, you can bet that I’ll be there opening day. I think the question is now: who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters will come to theatres on August 29, along with a 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray. Ghostbusters II will also have a Blu-ray release on September 16.