Gina Carano Was Reportedly About To Sign A Very Big Star Wars Deal Before Being Fired

Gina Carano

In retrospect, Gina Carano getting fired by Disney was inevitable. Whether or not you agree with her, you can’t deny she became a frequent source of controversy and negative press due to her social media behavior, which included promoting anti-masking and spreading conspiracy theories about voter fraud.

The last straw for the Mouse House was her sharing a post comparing being Republican to being Jewish during the Holocaust. Following this, the consequences were swift. Disney described her post as “abhorrent and unacceptable” and dropped her from The Mandalorian like a hot rock. Her agents followed suit and Hasbro even ended production of the Cara Dune action figure.

Since then, Carano has comfortably settled into becoming the face of ‘cancel culture’ and announced plans to make a movie with Ben Shapiro designed to fight “leftist causes.” But a new report from leaker Daniel Richtman may hint at exactly what those posts cost her, as the tipster claims that she was on the verge of signing a “huge deal” that would have seen Cara Dune show up in multiple Star Wars TV series and films.

We last saw her character contemplating taking a job with the New Republic, which was likely intended to set her up for a role in spinoff show Rangers of the New Republic. It seems this would have seen Dune become an officially sanctioned bounty hunter on missions for the New Republic, which would open the door for her to appear across the Disney+ Star Wars universe. Given that animated series like The Bad Batch are covering the Imperial era, we could also have seen her voice a younger Dune during her time as Rebel shock trooper and perhaps even see her react to her home planet of Alderaan being destroyed.

That deal is toast now, though, and Gina Carano is reportedly trying to develop her own “Star Wars-like” project. While her career prospects have taken a hit after getting blacklisted by Disney, it’ll be interesting to see what she does next. Whatever it is, it’s likely that the wave has broken on her acting career and she’ll never play another role as big as Cara Dune.